Dacuda PocketScan – The World‘s Smallest Wireless Scanner

Dacuda Pocketscan

I don’t need to share lot of details on how helpful a pocket scanner is. When there is a pocket scanner with you, it is really easy to scan some important text anywhere anytime. Known as the smallest pocket scanner, Dacuda PocketScan is a popular gadget among those who love to keep useful small gadgets with them to facilitate day to day work. That is why we decided to introduce this small pocket scanner with its features and benefits.

Features of Dacuda PocketScan

Developed by Dacuda, a technology company with its headquarter in Switzerland, this Dacuda PocketScan has lot of features which helps anyone to scan their information and text anytime without struggling too much.

Here are some of the features of Dacuda Pocket Scanner.

  • It provides high quality scans and you can view your scan instantly. This suits for study, on the go and even for your work place.
  • With built in illumination technology, Dacuda PocketScan gives you high quality color scans including easy and instant editing.
  • You can use this Dacuda PocketScan with software programs such as MS Office , Evernote etc.
  • It recognizes text and you can use the feature of translation to translate the scanned document for around 60 different languages.
  • This ultra-portable scanner is Compatible with portable devices such as iPhone, iPad air and newer android phones.

You can read a complete and detailed Dacuda Pocketscan Review by visiting dacudapocketscanreview.com. I found that review post is complete with more technical details, specs and other information which are helpful for you before buying this pocket scanner.


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