Family Orbit –iPhone Monitoring Software Helps you to Monitor your Child’s iPhone

Features of Family Orbit iPhone Monitoring Software

Nowadays there are many apps and phone monitoring software available. However, we need to find the best software to use in order to get the best of it. This is where new software with helpful features is always important. It is obvious nowadays kids use smartphones and tabs. If we consider the benefits, yes they can learn new things with educational apps and other educational websites. However, giving a smartphone to kid is not safe at all. That is why parents need to pay more attention to monitor their online activities and activities with the phone frequently.

Family Orbit –iPhone Monitoring Software

Family Orbit is such software which helps parents to monitor their kids and their activities over the phone. Below are some of the features of this Family Orbit iPhone monitoring software which help you to decide on using it.

Features of Family Orbit iPhone Monitoring Software

  • You can Monitor call details which includes date, number, and duration
  • Easy to Track   SMS and iMessages including Deleted SMS if they are sent to backup
  • You can also monitor the photos taken by your kid
  • It is easy to track the locations which your kids were with the iPhone
  • You can also check the web history which is helpful for you to keep on track with their online activities

There are many other features including calendars, reminders and address book. Check for more details.


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