Glow In The Dark with a Lady Liberty Mask

Horror and bloodiness sounds unattractive. However July 18 is the day for all illegal activities in America. As it is a legal day in the US for any illegal activities, all those masks and horror actions get a new face. As another such day is reaching, in this post we want to introduce a mask which you can wear and create a creepy and horror look with really creepy looking mask.

Glow In The Dark with a Lady Liberty Mask
Glow In The Dark with a Lady Liberty Mask

Glow In The Dark with a Lady Liberty Mask

Mask of Statue of Liberty should make you impress. This Lady Liberty Mask is such type of mask which you can buy and wear on this illegal activity day making it a fun. This lady Liberty Mask comes with many features to make it more interesting and to attract those who look for creepy masks or masks for Halloween.You can also wear this mask for any fun party or celebration.

Here are some features of the Lady Liberty Mask.

  • It comes with three amazing modes which include On, Hyper Blink and Slow Blink.
  • You can clip the power pack securely .It can easily clip into your pockets or clothing.
  • Size charts are available for you to select the most suitable Lady Liberty Mask.

How to buy Lady Liberty Mask?

If you want to buy Lady Liberty Mask, you can buy it online from .Currently there is a sale promotion and you can enjoy discounted price of 50% deduction. There are also some buyer reviews of this product which you can read before you buy your Lady Liberty Mask!

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