Make Your Site More Interactive through Reviews

Usually the best sitesĀ  are the ones with the most interactive features. ThereforeĀ  think of the interactive features that bring in high numbers of customers. By using facilities like blogs, polls, forums, ratings, feedback, reviews, etc., a site can become more of a reflection of the people who use it.This gives the users a reason to come back again and again to the site.

How to Make Your Site More Interactive through Reviews

Most of us have bought items from Amazon.Their first interactive features are the media reviews. Amazon lagged in the beginning, taking several years to even turn a profit. As they added more and more interactive features, the site became a community, and buyers stuck around both for content that they trusted and to leave content of their own. This includes not just the reviews, but now ranked review levels that reviewers try to attain. There are also now customer written lists of their favorite items, blogs, places for book authors to chime in about their books, interviews, and more. All of these features make the site feel less like a corporate sales machine and more like a hang out. Use a combination of features to achieve your own hang out status.

Taking a lesson from this model, think of ways to assign points or rankings to users of your site, and they will be back to improve those rankings. The rankings can be as simple as an icon, a number, or a special title. Giving the sites users something, even a silly title, will show them that you appreciate them being and want them to keep coming back.

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