Yoga Thailand – Thailand’s Most Transformative Healing Center

Yoga School in Thailand

Yoga is considered as one of the best ways of living life to the fullest from ancient times. With different poses, asana and techniques, you will be able to learn how to improve your spiritual balance by simply practicing yoga. As a popular destination for learn Yoga, Thailand has many things to offer to its travellers who are in seek of retreat including peaceful and beautiful environment to practice yoga.

Yoga Thailand – Thailand’s Most Transformative Healing Center


Founded in 2005, Yoga Thailand is the best place for your life changing experience by learning yoga, meditation, detox and Reiki. With their true passion to spread the positive ripples across the globe, it is the perfect place for you to learn and practice yoga.

Located in peaceful environment in KohPhangan, you will have the peace in your mind at your first sight to its location. With another beachfront shala situated in bay of Srithanu, you sure will have the greatest experience in Thailand while learning the techniques of Yoga to heal you and you can teach the techniques to others to heal them.

Features of Yoga Thailand Courses

Features of Yoga Thailand Courses

In Yoga Thailand, you will find a wide range of classes which are suitable for beginners.

Here are some of the features of the yoga classes which are available in Yoga Thailand.

  • Classes are suitable for beginners.
  • Their programs include meals, massage and healing treatments.
  • You will also learn topics such as history of yoga, its origin and development to todays’ stage.
  • Leisure activities like swimming, exploring the jungles are included to offer you the best experience in Thailand

As a branch of,Yoga Thailand offers the best courses and programs for anyone who join with them to learn and practice yoga.Visit to read more about Yoga Thailand and its courses available.

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