Candidate Intro-A Place for Job Seekers and Employers

Are you a job seeker and spend your time looking for a new job? Or even are you an employer looking for qualified employees to hire? If so is the ideal place for both job seekers, employers and even agencies to find the right person for the right jobs.

How does it work?

If you are a job seeker, then create a profile with and this service is completely free. Then Employers are able to find you and your skills, experiences and there are chances to receive interviews. The best part of this site is that you are able to upload a video presentation to introduce yourself or to show your talents to the employers who are looking for talented people for their job vacancies. This sounds interesting for any job seeker who likes to present himself in an outstanding way.

If you are an employer who is looking for talented candidates to fill existing job vacancies, you can easily search the candidate database of .This site is clean and easy to find details of the candidates with different available search tools.You can also post your jobs and vacancies and receive applications from the job seekers.

Candidate Intro-A Place for Job Seekers and Employers

Even if you are representing a job agency, post your job vacancies or details of the job agency and receive resumes of job seekers who are qualified for different job descriptions. This is really an easy way to complete your database with new applicants.

The best thing of this site is that it is really clean and easy to navigate. If you are a job seeker or even if you are an employee, it is easy to recognize which section to browse. Therefore, you will save lot of time in your carrier search or job seeker profiles search by only checking the most important sections. Career tips & advice section is really helpful for job seekers to improve their chances of getting a more suitable job and to prepare for interviews with confidence. By creating a job alert, you are able to receive the latest job postings and that will be an advantage for you to apply for any job immediately.

Visit and see how you can use their service to find a job or to find the right candidates for your job vacancies.

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