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Sometimes it is not easy to find the exact definition of words. Some words come with different meanings depending on the situation it uses. This is why readers are confused when they find an unknown word. Although you can get the idea or a hint of the meaning by reading the context of the sentence, sometimes it is essential to know the exact meaning or definition of the word you come across.

In order to solve this problem, now there is a new site which is a resourceful source for many definitions.With you can easily find the definition of a word or phrase in really easy is  resource which contains definitions of terms which is written collaboratively  by the community who uses it.

Features of

  • It is easy to search a definition for a word. Simply use the search bar on top of the site to search definition for your word.
  • You can also check any definition according to categories. When you check according to the categories, you can easily find a word definition as common meaning or even as primary meaning. But if you look for any technical definition, then you need to use the correct category and it is easy to filter the word definition which you are looking for.
  • If you want to join the community and define a word, then sign up with and contribute to the site.

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