How to Market Your Mobile App?

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Finally you created your App and launched it. Now you are waiting for hundreds of downloads per day. But, as for the most Apps in the market, your App also can get stuck in a stage with no much downloads and reviews. This can be happened if you don’t promote your app in correct way.

Yes, you need to promote your App and market it better. This is the secret of more popular Apps. In order to market your App for more downloads, here are some of the tips which you can apply.

How to Market Your Mobile App?

Create a Website for your App

By creating a website for your App, you can easily describe your App with more details. With better description and details, people tend to download your App and with more downloads you can easily promote it.
If you try to describe everything only in App market page, you are within limits. But in your own website, you can add videos, images and even reviews which better describe the function of your app.

Make your app free at launch or for a limited time

If you offer your App for free for limited duration, you can expect more downloads. In return you can easily ask App reviews. In this way you can easily spread the word about your App and also you will get some reviews from the first users.

Banners and advertisements

To get more downloads for your App, you need publicity. So, don’t forget to share it and spread the word as much as possible. You can easily buy banner advertisements from similar niche blogs where potential readers are. This will increase your brand awareness and easy way to promote your App to others.

Get lot of App reviews

Consider yourself. Do you install any App which there is no any single review? It is same with others too. That is why you need to get more reviews for your App in order to market it better. But, how to get more App reviews when it is really new? It is simple.

You can offer your App for free for few days in exchange of a review. Other than that you can also reach App reviewers and ask them to try your App and give their feedback.

Other than these approaches, you can also buy app reviews easily. Instead of spending time on reaching App reviewers one by one, or giving it for free with doubt of getting reviews in return, you can easily buy app reviews from those who provide such services.

How it works? Simply visit a site like and select your preferred package. Place your order and wait for the result. You will see how your rankings go up with positive ratings. With more ratings, you can easily promote your app for the others.

We hope these tips on how to market your mobile App are helpful for you to promote your new App from the launch day. Always try to get more positive reviews. So your App is in trend!

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