With Passport Photo Workshop you can Create Your Passport Photos in Few Minutes!

Passport Photo Workshop-review

How many times did you want to get your visa photo or passport photo in few minutes? Sometimes, it is hectic to go to a studio or a photo booth to take the passport photo. However, when there is software which allows you to edit your passport and visa photos with correct dimensions and correct background that is a time saver! This is where Passport Photo Workshop comes handy for anyone!

What is Passport Photo Workshop?

Passport Photo Workshop is passport photo software which allows users to edit their passport photos with easy to use tools. It is really easy to use photo software which gives step by step instructions which makes it easy to edit your photos using different backgrounds, templates editing tools.

Features of Passport Photo Workshop

Below are the unique features of Passport Photo Workshop which makes it really convenient photo software for anyone.

  • It is an all-in-one biometric software.
  • Easy to use with step by step wizard style user interface
  • You will find different photo templates to create your passport or visa application photos.
  • To edit your photos, you can easily upload the photos from your computer or from the device
  • With available manual crop and auto crop feature, you can easily adjust the passport photos with the correct required dimensions.

To read more features and to download this software, please check the website www.passportphotoworkshop.com


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