Popular Sri Lankan Food Blog, Food Corner Celebrates Its 4th Birthday

Popular Sri Lankan Food Blog, Food Corner Celebrates Its 4th Birthday


Food is no more considered to be a mere way of satisfying your appetite. The idea of food, as a whole has changed to a great extent, along with the influences of different cultures. Sri Lanka is regarded to have a huge cultural influence in the overall food map of the glove. This is why; Food Corner is unveiled as a comprehensive online blog page, which is focused on bringing in some mouthwatering recipes, foods and information, related to the foods of the country. The web page is proud to celebrate its 4th anniversary.

Food Corner is delighted to come up with a completely new look on its 4th birthday. This is reported to be a wonderful virtual destination, where the foodies are going to get different kinds of Sri Lankan recipes, along with easy to follow instructions and images.

The master mind, behind this initiative, Amila Wickramarachchi started the food blog with the name ‘Food Corner’ in 2011, inspired by her zeal in cooking. Like most of the regular blog pages, this was a Blogspot blog as well. However, with due course of time, Food Corner established itself as the most trusted source for Sri Lankan food recipes. As per Amila Wickramarachchi, the secret behind the popularity of ‘Food Corner’ is that she never shares any recipe which she or any of her family members didn’t like. In fact, she always tests home cooked food and shares them with correct recipe and true images, so that, anyone can cook easily.

Other than Sri Lankan recipes, this blog page is also famous for sharing other food recipes from around the world. Now in 2015, as the site celebrates its 4th anniversary, Food Corner was migrated from blogger to WordPress. Added to that, the food blog, Food Corner has received a new look together with new fresh recipes from Sri Lanka.

Apart from that, she has started a comprehensive Food Corner Store, named, Ifoodcorner.com, for those who want to buy cooking gadgets and recipe books. This is an Amazon store, which mainly feature Sri Lankan kitchen utensils such as Indiyappam press, AppaThachchi, kokis mold and much more to facilitate Sri Lankans, to cook, in case they live in other countries. For more details please visit http://foodcnr.com/

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Food Corner is a popular online blog page that brings in fresh Sri Lankan recipes on regular basis. This web blog page is celebrating its 4th birthday in 2015.

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