Reasons For Acne And The Scars Left Behind

Reasons For Acne And The Scars Left Behind

What’s more difficult than living with acne? Living with the constant reminders that are also known as acne scars. Acne scars can be caused in a few different ways. One main way to cause acne scarring is by picking at your blackheads or whiteheads. STOP IT.

But what causes the problematic acne? And what types of different acne scars are there? There are several reasons for acne just as there are different types of acne scarring.

The Reasons:

Pores may be blocked by dead skin cells, or sebum, or oils. Bacteria then grows in these areas which then becomes pus-filled pimples. Great, huh. There are natural acne treatments to take care of this, without drying out the protective oils that your skin creates naturally.

Too much sunlight exposure may also cause acne. As well, certain cosmetics are no good for your skin.

Your sebaceous glands may begin to overact if your hormones happen to become imbalanced.

The adrenal glands produce cortisol and they may begin to do so too much if you become more frequently stressed out. Cortisol is a steroid and the overproduction of it may make those sebaceous glands to create more oils, making your face greasy, which ends up making your pores more vulnerable to clogging.

If you’re not properly maintaining your personal hygeine, the oils, dirt and debris will be perfect for bacteria to gather and grow.

Your diet is important as well. You need to keep a fairly balanced nutrition if you want to keep your face a little more clear from acne.

Birth control, specifically in pill form, may use androgen. Androgen may then cause your skin to have breakouts.

Reasons For Acne And The Scars Left Behind
Reasons For Acne And The Scars Left Behind

The Scars:

“Ice pick scars” are those little narrow scars typically found on your cheeks. They have jagged edges and usually look like long column-like scars. This is due to the skin tissue being ruined.

Scars with sharp edges could be “depressed fibrotic scars”. They have steep vertical edges and you may see a rigid, white base you can’t really stretch out. They’re caused by destroyed collagen, caused by acne ruptures. Because tissue is lost from this, over-layering skin has no support, creating a depressed region.

Wide shallow scars are also known as “rolling scars”. Fibrous tissue bands under your flesh but over the tissue yank the epidermis and bind it to deeper skin structures. These scars may appear like waves.

Overproduction of collagen is the cause behind “keloid scars”. These scars are raised up on the surface.  Just like eczema these scars can be very embarrassing and itch and burn profusely. As there is natural eczema treatment so to there are natural acne treatments. The key is to find which ones work the best for you.


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