XXL Secure Cloud Storage Offers High End Features for its Users

XXL Box-Secure-cloud-storage-review

Cloud storage is becoming popular as it is a great way to back up data and share online with others. However, cloud should be a safe place which anyone can assure that their stored data cannot be visible for anyone. With that mission, XXL Cloud is established and it gives secure cloud storage for its users with many benefits and advantages of online data storage.

XXL secure cloud storage

XXL Box is a file sharing and backup solution which is secure and reliable. Businesses find it as helpful and secure cloud storage to share their data which also help their employees to collaborate from anywhere in the world.

Features of XXL secure cloud storage

  • Encrypted cloud storage which is secure. Files stored in XXL Cloud are encrypted when they leave any device and decrypted when it returns to a user device. This ensures the security of data which you share with the cloud.
  • End-to-end encrypted data which others except the user cannot access.
  • XXL box is a secure online storage for your data as a backup which prevent you from any data loss.
  • XXL Box can be also used as a backup solution for mobile phones (Android and iOS)
  • It comes with Zero Knowledge privacy. That means the server doesn’t know what is in the content of the data. This feature makes it secure and no risks from hackers or any other internal threats.

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