Yoga Courses in Koh Phangan by Orion Healing Centre

Orion Healing Yoga courses in Koh phangan

Are you looking for following Yoga courses? Then, Thailand is one of the best destinations in Asia to find yoga training courses. With its scenic beauty and relaxing environment, Koh phangan is a popular destination in Thailand for yoga courses. So, you can start your yoga practicing life there by joining with a suitable course. Before reading further Check best yoga courses as their courses are well structured with all the important topics about yoga.

Orion Healing Yoga courses in Koh Phangan

Vinyasa Yoga Teacher training program conducted by Orion Healing Center, Koh phangan Thailand comes with lot of benefits and features which any beginner can learn yoga in the best way to transform their lives. Their yoga programs include lot of yoga training, practice, yogic diet and many more.

Features of Yoga Thailand Courses

Features of the Yoga Courses

Here are some highlights of the yoga training programs conducted by

  • When you follow Orion Healing Yoga courses in Koh phangan you will get a vast knowledge of many yoga techniques including Complete Asana Sequence, Deepening through Bhandas and Breath, Pranayama, Kriyas and Yin & Restorative. There are many more topics covered in this program and you can check those from their website.
  • When you follow your yoga training program, activities like Raw Food Workshop and Fire ceremony and Puja on the beach would be interesting and memorable experiences for you from Thailand.
  • You can select either non-resident program or resident program according to your choice.
  • You will be trained and supervised under well trained qualified teachers.

Other than above features, there are many more details which you can read about these best yoga courses conducted in Koh phangan, Thailand. Please check the site by visiting

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